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Blaze || 16 || ♀ || ♊ || Taken

Free- Micro Halloween Divider by gutterface

Hallo, I'm blaze, a 16 years old girl who likes to draw different stuff. As you can see I was born in Chile, so I speak spanish (sorry if my english sucks sometimes). Normal lazy life, nothing better to do than draw.

I'm short tempered and kind of shy in the real world. Just kind of. I have like 2-3 best real life friends and we do stupid things at school. I hate the rest of my class (notreally...notallofthem). As you can see, I'm anti-social and I like to stay at home.

That's all I guess. Thanks for your visit~ I hope we get well ;v;

Spooky Art.

|| Closed .2 by UndeadZombiie
|| Closed .2 by UndeadZombiie
|| Friends .2 by UndeadZombiie


Spooky Buddies.

Special Roll


Hey you! Y E E you! I like you >:U Don't forget that! But until we don't met in real life, we'll be really close only u 3 u

Best Friends


You guys... omg you guys! I don't even remember how we met, but it was like the best thing ever!

Chao, you and your derpiness make me laugh everyday. Your OCs are just awesome and your art it's amazing! We have so much in common I could say a lot of things about 'em~ Sis, keep the good work and bring that moustache with you all ya life.

Nick... you yaoi teller. No but really, you are funny, weird and awesome at the same time. Dude, you always make me laugh and blush with your stories omg. Stay derp Nick, and pink too; you are the only pink cat I want to pet~

Suicide, voy a escribir esto en español porque... yolo. Eres una de las pocas amigas latinoamericanas que tengo y que de verdad me entienden -nos entendemos-. Eres graciosa y un gran ejemplo a seguir cuando se trata de haters ya que los toleras tan bien omfg. Envidio esa paciencia que tienes, está de más decir que amo a Chris~ Eres divertida y las dos nos reímos de estupideces xD Gracias por dejarme ser tu amiga ;w;




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